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Polyfood – Polydairy

Since ancient times, when containers that could be put directly on the fire did not yet exist, man learnt that the only way to heat liquids was to use large stones that were heated on the fire and then put inside the containers.

On the basis of this method, which is still used today by some populations, INVENTA has patented and produced a machine which reflects its underlying principle: the contents of a container can be heated (or cooled) by immersing a thermal exchanger, of a particular design, directly into the liquid in the container.


The thermal exchanger, called Dynamic Radial Exchanger (SDR), is the central part of the system, and it is made up of a group of pipes through which hot water or cold water is passed, according to the type of process that you want to carry out. At the centre of the pipe group there is a variable speed turbine which is closed at the upper end and has a bayonet connection on the lower end.

Immersing the SDR into the liquid to be treated, the turbine sucks up the liquid from the lower part and pushes it upwards and radially across the pipe group, obtaining a high efficiency thermal exchange.

This machine, called POLYFOOD, thanks to its versatility and multi-functionality, is able to carry out many food processes which would normally require a long series of special machines for every kind of food or cheese.

The Polyfood includes the functions of the following machines: Pasteurizer, Cheese Vat, Curd cooker, Ricotta maker, Yoghurt machine, Cheese Melter, Hot Water Generator.

Using the POLYFOOD it is possible, in a simple and quick way, to heat, pasteurize, cool or cook any liquid or semi-liquid food, or any liquid with suspended solid parts.

Standard POLYFOOD has incorporated a hot water generator that runs on diesel fuel. If customer prefers to heat running on electricity or gas, it is available a /R version which allow to feed the POLYFOOD by external hot water (i.e. comming from an external hot water generator).

The endorsed PLC + Touch Screen system allows to set up and/or recall specific programs for every cheese typology and/or food stuff. This system also performs the record of all the thermal processes done. The recorded data can be displayed directly on the Touch Screen in graphic or table format and can eventually be saved on a USB storage key for further elaborations on a PC.

Please take some time to view our videos and read some experiences of our customers (links hereunder).

Feasible processes:
– On milk: heating or pasteurization of milk, coagulation, cooking of the curd, etc… all in very short times.
– Ricotta making without direct steam injection.
– On other aliments: pasteurization and/or cooking of fruit or vegetable juices or puree, soups, rice, etc…
– Auto sanitation of the Radial Heat Exchanger (SDR)

– Heats up to 100 °C, and cools down to 20-30 °C (depends on temperature of tap water). – Cooling to lower temperatures requires an external chilled water generator.
– Possibility to make the thermal processes in any type of container (food grade plastic, stainless steel, copper, wood, etc…)
– Very high production rate, thanks to the possibility to work in sequence any number of (passive) containers. The type of processes can be different from container to container.
– The electronic controller endorsed with the machine gives the possibility to set and recall specific programs for every type of cheeses or food.
– Produce hot water up to 100 °C, suitable for washing or sanitation of the laboratory equipment or for stretched cheese production.
– Connecting the machine (in a closed loop) to a water tank (or ice bank), it is possible to eliminate any waste of water.
– To run, the machine needs only: diesel fuel, less than 2 KW of electricity and a connection to tap water… no food grade piping required.


Technical Data :

Models with Diesel Heating

Min Workable capacity – L 45 80 120
Productivity per hour ** – L/h 200 325 400
Productivity in 8 hours ** – L 1.660 2.600 3.050
Useful Thermal power – KW 30 48 55
Electric power (230V/1) – KW (max) 1,2 1,4 1,4
Consumo gasolio max (Kg/h) 3,2 5,7 6,7
Ingombro max (mm) 1.600x750xh1.700 2.100x750xh2.350 2.100x750xh2.350
Peso (Kg) 220 300 330


Models with Electric Heating

Min Workable capacity – L 45 45 80 120
Productivity per hour ** – L/h 135 185 270 370
Productivity in 8 hours ** – L 1.080 1.480 2.160 2.920
Useful Thermal power – KW 20 27 40 54
Electric power (400V/3+N) – KW (max) 21 28 41 55
Ingombro max (mm) 1.600x750xh1.700 1.600x750xh1.700 2.100x750xh2.350 2.100x750xh2.350
Peso (Kg) 220 220 300 330

* Indicative data for a 10°C / 72°C / 40°C pasteurization cycle.
POLYFOOD® is a registered trademark

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Customer witness: La Lola

The Company reserves the right to modify the technical data and characteristics at any time without notice