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Mini Pasteurizer and Yoghurt maker

With these small pasteurizers it is possible to pasteurize milk and make cheese, ricotta and yogurt. Suitable for heating up to 90 ° C.


This appliance works on the principle of bain-marie heating and consists of an external tank in which there is water used to transmit the heat, and an internal tank in which the milk is to be poured.

Heating takes place by means of an electric heater located inside the bain marie jacket. Cooling takes place by running flowing water thru the bain marie jacket.

A thermostat allows you to bring the milk to the desired temperature and keep it indefinitely.

On the lid there is the stirrer unit and the milk thermometer (analogue).


  • double stainless steel tank (thermally insulated the MPY-050 and the MPY-100, optional on the MPY-025)
  • electrical resistance with safety probe
  • electronic thermostat
  • lid with electric stirrer (dismountable) and milk thermometer
  • cooling water loading and unloading connections


MPY-025/1: external thermal insulation

MPY-xxx/15: increased discharge

MPY-xxx/1: caster wheels with brake


Technical Data:

MPY-025 MPY-050 MPY-100
Workable capacity (L): 25 50 100
Minimum workable capacity (L): 5 10 20
Max temperature (° C): 90
Supply: 230V/1/50Hz 400V/3N/50Hz 400V/3N/50Hz
Power (kW): 3,5 4,5 9
Dimension (cm): d. 55 x h 105 d. 65 x h 117 d. 75 x h 130
Weight (kg): 24 41 60


The Company reserves the right to modify the technical data and characteristics at any time without notice