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Micro Pasteurizer and Yoghurt fermenter

With this small pasteurizer it is possible to pasteurize milk and produce cheese, ricotta and yogurt. Suitable for heating up to 94 ° C.


This device works with the principle of bain marie heating and is constituted by a outer vat in which there is the water used to transmit heat, and an internal vat in which to deposit the milk.
The heating takes place by means of an electrical resistance placed on the bottom of the outer vat.
The cooling is done making the water flow thru the outer vat.
A thermostat with timer allows to bring the milk to the desired temperature and to maintain it for a predetermined time (max. 900 minutes).

Composed of:
– Double stainless steel vat
– Electrical heater with safety thermostat
– Digital thermostat / timer
– Cover with milk thermometer
– Cooling water inlet and outlet hoses

Technical Data:

Models MPLC-15 MPLC-35
Nominal capacity (l): 15 35
Max. working capacity (l): 14 34
Min. working capacity (l): 2 5
Max temperature (°C): 94 94
Power supply: 230V – 50 Hz
Power (kW): 2.8 3.2
Dimension (cm): d. 32 x h 52 d. 48 x h 55
Weight (kg): 6 12



The Company reserves the right to modify the technical data and characteristics at any time without notice

Data Sheet: