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Pump with flexible EPDM impeller

Stainless steel volumetric rotary pumps (positive displacement) have a flexible impeller and are self priming up to 6 meters maximum. They are reversible with a slow running speed reduced by pulley arrangement.
The trolley/base, fittings and the pump are made completely in stainless steel AISI 304.
The pump impeller is in EPDM. The mechanical seal is in tungsten-carbide/tungsten-carbide/viton.


Pump principle
The flexible impeller vanes deform slightly to pump the liquid inside the pump and move it to the discharge port at a steady flow rate. This principle combines gentle pumping with a high self priming action up to 6 m even from dry start-up.

This excellent priming action even at a low revolutions, which allows the transfer of soft and fragile fluids with viscosities up to 50,000 cp, or with solid particles in suspension, without causing air locking, avoiding emulsions or damaging particles.

The pump can operate in both rotation directions, which permits return of excess liquid without any manual intervention, and also allows easy emptying of pipes on completion of liquid transfer.

Possible applications include:

Food Industry
Transferring of delicate liquids and also those with solids in suspension with diverse viscosity and without emulsifiers (wine, must, must and stemmed grapes, beer, fruit pulp and juices, jams, liquid sugars, glucose, milk, butter, yoghurt, eggs, oil and tomatoes in pulp and juices).

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry
Transferring of starch, glues (with a water base), emulsions, glycerin, wax, detergents, soap liquids, shampoos, creams, syrups, saps, vegetable and animal fats, industrial waste water, etc.

PGF-xxx/1: BY-PASS (opening the by-pass allows the reduction of the pump flow capacity)

Monophase 230 V/50 Hz


Flow capacity*
@ h = 0 mt.
Flow capacity*
@ h = 5 mt.


2/1,5 470 40 or 50 50


PGF-150 2/1,5 350 50 or 60 150



The Company reserves the right to modify the technical data and characteristics at any time without notice


Data Sheet: