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Cheese Cleaning & Washing Machine

This machine is used to brush and/or wash the cheese wheels during the seasoning period.


Entirely built in AISI 304 steel, complete with trolley with stainless steel wheels and closable lid. Ideal for cleaning cheese wheels, it can also be used for oiling the cheese wheel. They are equipped with a continuous washing system of the rotating brush and a manual adjustment system for the height of the working surface according to the brushing required.
Available with 3 brush hardness based on the type of cheese to be worked. The brushes can be replaced quickly and easily without dismantling the motor shaft.

• Washing tank with connection for clean water and dirty water drain
• Nylon brush
• Electric motor to operate the brush (400 rpm)
• CE control panel
• Support on wheels

SLF-xxx/1: electronic speed regulation system 20-400 rpm
SLF-xxx/Sxx: spare brush L15cm with bristles thickness: 0.5 / 0.8 / 1.2 mm (xx = 05, 08, 12).


Technical Data:
Power Supply: 230V/1/50Hz


Brush Length
(lxdxh cm)
Motor Power

Cheese Wheels



80x50x120 0,55

up to 30



110x60x120 0,55

up to 55


The Company reserves the right to modify the technical data and characteristics at any time without notice

Data Sheet: