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Packing machines for trays or cups

This manual thermosealing machine is conceived to package pre-formed trays with a suitable closing foil.




The materials which trays are made of could be of different kinds: PP, PET, PS, aluminium or coupled carton.
The cover material is reeled and it is placed on a roller which is situated behind the sealing plate.
The unwinding of such material takes place manually.
The sealing plate is fiat and therefore has not to be replaced in case of size change.
The bend die must be realised according to the tray and so it has to be replaced at every size change.
Anyway, the operation of size change needs only few seconds.
The sealing occurs by means of the heat and of the pressure carried out manually by the operator on the big front handle.
The foil cutting occurs automatically, contemporary to the sealing and it is performed transversally only on one side.
The machine is endowed with a temperature regulator, so that to adapt the sealing temperature to the materials chosen by the Customer.

Standard Bend Dies for CT-300:
CT-300/1: die for single tray 260×190 mm
CT-300/2: die for double tray 190×137 mm and 137×95 mm

Standard Bend Dies for CT-400:
CT-400/1: die for single tray ½ Gastronorm (325×265 mm)
CT-400/2: die for two trays ¼ Gastronorm (265×160 mm)

Dies are available for custom trays or cups. To make these dies it is necessary to supply 10-20 samples of the trays or cups


Technical characteristics:



Production capacity:

about 300 pz/h

Max tray dimensions:

290 x 230 mm.

325 x 265 mm.

Film width:

230 mm

270 mm.

Electric supply:

230 V – 50 Hz monofase

Electric power:

700 W

1.400 W

Machine dimension:

290 x 480 x 355 mm

355 x 515 x 425 mm

Machine weight:

14 Kg

22 Kg


The Company reserves the right to modify the technical data and characteristics at any time without notice.

Data Sheet: