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UV water treatment



The small part of electro-magnetic spectrum having wave lengths included between 100 and 400 nm (thousandths of micron) is defined as the space of the ultra-violet irradiation.
The UV-C are part of the subspace characterized by the wave lengths included between 100 and 280 nm. Electro-magnetic waves with different wave length and width induce interactions with the matter of different nature; the UV-C irradiation with L = 254nm is particularly interesting thanks to its marked germicidal power.

The high germicidal power of this wave length must be sought in DNA and in the link of its fundamental components (nucleotids). DNA is a macromolecule present in all living organisms in which all information necessary for life and reproduction reside. The alteration, induced by the UV-C irradiation, of some
chemical links present among nucleotids is able to change the information contained and conveyed by DNA, these alterations prevent its normal activity and this irreversibly leads to the cellular death.

For being effective in the disinfection, an electro-magnetic wave, besides being of a certain kind (L = 254nm) it must possess also a minimum value of intensity to be able to ensure a minimum dose to water. A UV sterilizer, if correctly sized, is able to give water a dose sufficient for reducing almost all the commonest micro-organisms present in water. Normally a UV disinfection system must have a UV dose higher than 300 J/m2.

UV-C rays are produced with the help of special fluorescent lamps containing mercury fumes, these lamps are made of a very pure quartz (>99.99% SiO2) transparent to the UV-C light which they emit in an almost monochromatic form (>95% of L = 254nm).
Technical Data:



Flow rate max (l/h)



IN / OUT (“)



Lamp power (W)



Lamp Life (h)


Working pressure max (bar)


UV-C dose (J/m²)

≥ 300


s.s. AISI 304

Electric consumption (W/h)




The Company reserves the right to modify the technical data and characteristics at any time without notice


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