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Volumetric Doser

The DVP-xxx are volumetric dosers for liquid or semi liquid products.


The DVP-xxx are volumetric dosers for liquid or semi liquid products.
Built entirely in stainless steel AISI 316 and AISI 304, they are suitable to work in damp and corrosive environments. All the mechanical parts are of easy assembly and cleaning.
The machines includes: stainless steel basement, dosage regulation, speed regulation of the intake and dosage, pneumatic pedal command, vase height/width regulation group.

Composed of:
– Stainless steel stand
– Dosage adjustment by manual handle (with position indicator).
– Intake/dosage speed adjustment.
– Sanitary tri-clamp connections to simplify assembly and sanitation; disassembly without tools.
– Pneumatic control pedal.
– Vessel Height / Width adjustment device.
– Complete of 2 dosing nozzles
– Pneumatic rotary valve for semi-dense products
– Cylindrical hopper with cover
DV-xxx/1: Valve for liquid products + Hose adapter for direct aspiration (ea. for milk, fruit juice etc…).

Technical characteristics:




Dosage range: (cc):

20 – 700

50 – 1.500

200 – 5.700

Hopper volume (lt.):




Production capacity (cycles/h):

around 300

around 300

around 300

Compressed air:

6/8 ATM

6/8 ATM

6/8 ATM


The Company reserves the right to modify the technical data and characteristics at any time without notice

Data Sheet