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About Us

INVENTA was founded in 1989 by the desire to combine 30 years of know-how in the dairy and food industry, with the new socio-economic realities of the agricultural and livestock sector, proposing highly innovative industry solutions.
The constant search for maximum efficiency and absolute quality has led us to understand that you can not face the needs of the single along the food supply chain without deep analyzing the whole food chain “FROM THE FIELD TO THE TABLE”.
Aware of this, we have used our experience to propose innovative machines and technologies with the aim of solving some of the problems of processing and storage of food (especially milk), regardless of the cultural background of the people; giving the opportunity to solve nutritional problems due to the lack or absence of processing industry.
Particular attention has also been given to the economic and management aspect, demonstrating that a good solution does not necessarily mean either higher costs or super managers.
The machines we offered, thanks to their versatility and multi-functionality, are an optimal solution for small and medium sized farms or may well be a first step for future industrialization.
– Polyfood (Polydairy): independent unit of pasteurization and cheese making with high efficiency and high productivity
– Minidairies: cheap pasteurization and cheese-making units
– Machinery and equipment for the reception of milk
– Machinery and equipment for the different stages of dairy processing (production of cheese, ricotta, yogurt, ice cream, butter, etc ..)
– Packaging Machines
– Refrigerated Cabinets and Cold Rooms
INVENTA offers customers the experience of its 25 years of operation in the agro-food industry, providing the following services:
– Feasibility studies
– Turnkey projects
– “in situ” technological training